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A story of loss and friendship
seen from the eyes of a little girl

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The Story
Draw takes place in an isolated cottage where a little girl and her elderly grandmother live. The girl longs for a friend. The grandmother is afraid of dying. When a mysterious visitor arrives they will be forced to finally face Death, and the girl will find a friend where nobody else has.Draw is a magical realism short film written and directed by Juan Coello Hollebecq and produced by Stefan Parker.

Who are we

Writer/Director: Juan Coello Hollebecq is a Venezuelan filmmaker with a true passion for storytelling. He came to the UK in 2012 to get a Master Degree at the Met Film School. Draw is the sixth short film he has directed. You can watch his show-reel here: 

​Producer: Stefan Parker has been producing short films over the last few years and is a recent graduate with an MA in Filmmaking. He is the director of Short Pictures, an independent production company specializing in short film